Monday, April 2, 2012

Skeletons!!! yikes!!!

Hello again! just wanted to update you guys on a book that I came upon last week. For those of you that are into studying the structure of the skeleton, this is the book for you.

It's called, "Skeletons" it's published by The Pepin Press. This book contains plenty of Illustrations of the skeletal structure of the human figure, dogs, pigs, rhinos and plenty of other animals that you may not have heard of.

This is a great book for those needing to study the skeletons of different animals or for those that simply want to learn about how the structures work within animals. As I looked in this book, I couldn't believe the amount of illustrations that are being presented. They show detailed versions of the skull, vertebrae, ribs, pelvis, femurs, etc.

Not only can you learn about new animals, but also you start to see some similarities about what changes from animal to animal. Another great tool that this book features is the Free CD-Rom that is formatted for both MAC and Windows. You  can choose to save 1200dpi tiff or 300dpi jpeg versions of the each individual illustration that is in the book.

This can be such a helpful tool, especially if you don't have the book, just get it from the library and borrow it.
Take the images that you want to do copy studies, and then see how your knowledge about the skeletal structure will be expanded. If you don't like some of the animals, then that's fine, at least like the Illustrations.


  1. Hey, I'm taking illustrative drawing this coming semester and this would be really useful for the zoo drawings we have to do in class!! Did you find it in the CCAD library?

  2. Yes this book is from CCAD library and like I mentioned earlier, it comes with a cd of all the illustrations.