Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Merging the Old Beast and New Beauty

book cover!

 What could I say about this new book that I have recently received from our library? One word. Stunning.
The power and authority this book has is remarkable. It starts out with Ben Levitz, Principal at Studio Fire, and how he mentions about going through art school and how he was able to learn many skills and what not, but how he was starting to long the act of physically making things with his hands (this was because he had been doing so much computer work).

He decided that he wanted to buy a print press, he placed it in the basement of his house. This was the beginning of what later became the fruit of Studio on Fire. Studio on Fire is based in Minneapolis, MN.

As you can see, this book is starting to make a connection between two different, but not totally unrelated fields: Printmaking and Graphic Design. In the more recent years, as many people know, the fields of art are not as simple and straight forward as they used to be back in earlier years. Now there is a beginning to see new fronts pushed and merged into making a new creation. 

This book is perfect for those that are immersed in the study of graphic design. It shows how people have the option (and ability) of moving from the computer screen to the print press.  The book contains a vast array of work that the print studio has done over the years and the names of clients also.

As you can see by the examples, there are plenty of different ways that one could use the merging of two practices. To me, this book is a catalyst for wanting to take practices and techniques from their sphere of origin, and observe what happens when taken out of the usual niche that it is placed in.

This can be thought of for any field of study. That's where we come in with our creative minds to make the new things and help mold the world of art into a new form.

Enjoy checking this book out! It's really more of a image based book than actual writing which is perfectly alright with me. 

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