Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thinking with Type

This book is about a little thing called typography. I first became aware of this book when I was still at my back at my community college (SIC represent!), it was my textbook for my typography I class. Mr. Webb, wanted us to buy this book and learn what it means to know about type.

Also, how rude of me to not introduce you to what typography even means.
Typography is the study of well letters: how they function, are used, made, etc.

During that class, it seemed very strange to think of type as a way to show art. I, just like everyone else that grew up in Southern Illinois, had only had the interaction with type whenever I would read and write. Little did I know that those letters I had taken for granted would later jump me levels further into becoming an artist.

Now, anytime that I have a project that involves type and I'm over-thinking or having too much trouble with it, I always go to this book. It reminds me of when to keep it simple and when to go outside of the box. Typography expert or beginner, this book should be in every artist's hands, especially if you enjoy design.

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