Monday, January 30, 2012

Revelations of Art with Robert Henri

Robert Henri was a man that helped revolutionize art here in American. Mostly known for his involvement with the Ashcan School, which brought about many new American artists that we know and love. For those of you in Columbus, our very own Columbus Museum of Art has two rooms of space from the time period and influence that Henri lived in. You can check it out for free if you are a CCAD student.

The book that I want to direct on to all of you is called "The Art Spirit". The book is nothing short of amazing when it comes to advice. He writes letters to either students or to groups of people. It doesn't matter which one  it is because he is still giving amazing advice. I held on to this book the entire fall semester. I had a very hard time putting this book down when it was in my possession.

This book is the type that will motivate you to think about how you do art and the way that you involve art in your life. If it was possible, I would have every art student in the world get a copy of this as a requirement to graduate college.

You can get it pretty cheap on amazon, in the case of you not being able to find it at your library.
I'll leave you with a fantastic line from the book, which has actually made me want to improve no matter what my skill level is:

"Some students possess the school they work in. Others are possessed by the school."

Which one are you? How can you change that?
Also, one more thing that you can ponder on is this: 
At the school where you are at, who possesses the school?  
Maybe you can find out why people love their work.

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