Thursday, January 26, 2012

The beginning.

My name is Jesus Walle. I am an Illustration Major at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Currently, I'm a junior and I came in as a transfer in the fall semester of 2011. Originally, I'm from Carmi, Illinois (shout out to white county!), and have pretty much grown up there for the majority of my life.

Welcome to the new blog about artbooks. I'm going to be writing about books that I feel are a blessing to anyone who is interested in the arts field. I'm aiming for the blog to be done bi-weekly only for this semester, so get ready to find out about books that I find interesting. Who knows... you might find some of these interesting yourselves. Maybe if the blog keeps getting good, I might have to do it for longer than just the semester.

Have a great day.
-Jesus Walle

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